Class Formats

The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) offers the CPO Certification class in two formats:

1) The Traditional 2-Day Class

This is the traditional class program and requirement to achieve the CPO Certification. It is 2 full days of classroom time with 14 to 16 hours of instructor contact.   The first day we cover about three-fourths of the material, then finish up in the morning on the second day.   We review right after lunch the second day then start the proctored CPO exam.

2) The Pool Operator Primer

CPO Certification in only one day of Class

PHTA has the full curriculum online for self-paced learning, called The Pool Operator Primer.  It is broken up into 18 sections, correlating with the chapters in the book, with a short quiz at the end of each.  If completed, this may be used in lieu of attending the first day of the 2-Day class.  To receive your CPO Certification, however, you must attend our second day of the 2-Day class, called Pool Operator FUSION and present your Certificate of Completion from the Primer course and pass the proctored CPO exam.


OurĀ  "HeadStart" Program

The online, self-paced Pool Operator Primer course can also be used as a "HeadStart" or preview of what to expect in the 2-Day class.  Several of our students take advantage of this as a preparatory class to get ready for the full two days with the instructor.  You get the benefit of reviewing the curriculum and study online at your own pace, and you also benefit from the presentation and interaction from the instructor during the 2-Day class.

The Pool Operator Primer online material is available to you for an indefinite period of time.