Class In Palm Desert, July 10-11

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Steve giving the Introduction in Palm Desert

We were in the desert.  It was HOT!  We had our class in the National Pool Tile’s show room.  The red carpet was laid out for us.  You guys are great!  A special thanks to Renee Nelson — and everyone there.  Even though the mercury outside was over 100 — it was sure pleasant inside.  We had seven students, some coming from as far away as Palmdale (again) and Lake Havasu, Navada.  We had pool guys, property managers and one person from a physical therapy facility.  It was satisfying to see to the recognition of the benefits of aquatic therapy — and especially satisfying to see the recognition of the importance of keeping the hot water therapy spas healty and safe.

Elise and I give a huge THANK YOU to the Superior and National Pool Tile management and crew in Palm Desert. We give a special thank you to Dave Barfuss, Manager, Superior- Indio.  Thanks, Dave, for providing conference tables and for taking some of your personal time to lockup the Palm Desert faciility for us on Saturday. — Thanks again everyone.


  1. I’ve been around and managed aquatic facilities for 20 years. Great job!

  2. Need classes in Hemet! Excellent course by an excellent instructor.

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