Consider the Pool Inspector An Ally!

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Pool Inspector — Consider them your Ally

We just finished up our third CPO Certification class of the new year this past Thursday and Friday, February 9-10, at PoolCorp’s Superior Products building in Anaheim.  And we have started the year strong!

As always in our class, we start out with introductions and then go right into the Pool & Spa Operator Handbook – Chapter One:  Types of Pools, Pool Management, Risk Management, and Health Agencies.

The primary concern of the Health Inspector is the health and safety of the swimming pool users.  And the primary concern of the Pool Operator/Technician? — is ALSO the health and safety of the pool users.

Ahhh — The pool guy and the Health Inspector — we had them both in our class last week.  And there was some fun and lively discussion between the two!  Pool guys may tend to fear the Health Inspector, but in reality the inspector has the same goal as you:  the health and safety of the swimmers.

So make the Health Inspector your ally.  You just never know:  maybe the Health Inspector can provide that “extra nudge” to get the management at the facility you maintain to fix that leak, get an automated chlorinator,  a new filter, install energy saving equipment or a salt system  — all for the sake and well-being of the patrons at your swimming pool.

And Health Inspectors:  I would encourage you all to get your Certified Pool Operator certification as a mandatory credential for proper inspection of all your pool facilities.


Thanks again Poolcorp! — and Superior-Anaheim and SCP-San Diego (January 26-27) for hosting us.  And special thank you’s to Brian and John for standing by to carry our equipment and supplies upstairs!!  You guys are awesome!!!

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