El Monte Aquatic Center

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We held our first CPO® Certification Class at the El Monte Aquatic Center in El Monte, California this past Thursday and Friday, April 19-

20. You can check out a short YouTube video about this wonderful facility here.

The El Monte Aquatic Center Indoor Pool

Everything is BIG there: big 40 hp main circulation pump, big 12″ plumbing, big 2,000,000 BTU heater and BIG Pool – 640,000 gallons!  It was quite a treat for us and our students to be there.  We wish to thank all the great people and their warm hospitality during our stay.  And a special thanks to Javier for the pump room tour, Victoria, Jimmy, Nayeli, and all the others.

If you are ever in or around El Monte, you need to stop by the Aquatic Center to see it and say “Hi”to all the people there.  You will not be disappointed.


  1. Whoever made the stupid decision to fire those kids is a narrow minded idiot: instead of using the publicity to pump up interest and bring a fun vibe to a city known for being old and ghetto, they reinforced the idea of El Monte not being a city worth looking into

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