Oxidation or Nano-Filtration

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Class finale of 2009

We took the pics — but lost the camera!

We had our last class of 2009 the weekend before Thanksgiving on Friday and Saturday, November 20-21.  We were teaching at our home base:  PoolCorp’s SCP, Orange, CA location.

All the classes have had their own personality and this one was no different.

As we were going through the presentations regarding water contamination, pool water problems, water circulation, and filtration — it all came down to this:  we need to disinfect to kill harmful pathogens.

And then we focused on:  ‘How do you get the dead pathogens and other microscopic contaminates out of the water?’  Well, in many ways:

  1. Oxidation — by break point chlorination, ozone, potassium, or using enzymes
  2. Diluting or draining the pool water
  3. Nano filtration

Nano filtration! — What’s that?  Well, as it turns out, one of the students owns a company that built a portable nano-filtration system that can filter out pool water contaminates, calcium and other dissolved solids; thus, reclaiming 75% of the water.  A very interesting coincidence, don’t you think!

We took a few pictures of our last class, but the camera did not make it home from our out-of-town trip.  We misplaced it somehow, and it is not to be found….so no pictures this time–sorry!

Thank you Stan and Matt at SCP/Orange and thank you PoolCorp for a great year.  And a huge thank you to all our students this year for spending your resources and your time to improve our pool service industry!

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