pH Adjustment Dosage Charts

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A swimming pool in optimium performing condition–one that is healthy and safe as possible–should be the goal of every Certified Pool Operator.  And keeping the pool water balanced is a key factor in achieving this goal.  Here’s the pool water chemistry parameter guidelines that we use — they are also on page 258 of the CPO handbook.  And here is the chemical adjustment guide — page 260 of our handbook.  When we study and use the adjustment guide, I ask the students, “What is glaringly absent from this adjustment guide?”…in other words:  “What pool water chemistry parameter is NOT in this guide?”

The answer is pH.  Why?  Because it simply does not fit in the chart due to a different unit of measure (as well as a couple of other reasons).  The unit of measure for all the chemicals in the water (except pH) is PPM.  The unit of measure for pH is just a number from 0 to 14 (these numbers represent the concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) in the water).

So what is the guideline for adjusting pH? — We recommend using the Acid Demand or Base Demand reagent that comes with many test kits.  In addition, we at AnotherPerfectPool use pH adjustment dosage charts.  Just click the image on the left to see a few pages from our Field Service Manual.

The SCP Riverside Store

Riverside was having some unusually cold and rainy weather for our CPO classes on March 24-25, 2011!  Some of our students had driven in from the desert, though, and thought that the rain was pretty awesome (since they seldom see in their neck of the woods).

It’s always a pleasure to be teaching CPO classes at the SCP Riverside facility.  It is such a clean, well-organized store and warehouse that we couldn’t help showing it off a little!…..pictured here is the actual wholesale store and counter.  Good job E.J. — as always–it looks great!!

Thank you E J. and Kyle for helping us get our classroom materials upstairs–whew!  And thanks to all the staff for being so accommodating to us, once again!

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