How Much Water is in that Pool?

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We were given an opportunity to present our CPO class material to the swimming pool maintenance crew at Archstone Apartments in San Diego at their La Jolla training center this past Thursday and Friday, July 29-30 and WOW!–what a beautiful place!!  Archstone is a nationwide property management company for apartments and other commercial properties.  It was a great class in La Jolla and a great venue, too!

La Jolla at Sunrise, Archstone ApartmentsIt was a great venue — and a great class, too!

Who likes math?????  Well, the bit of math that we go over in class was of special interest to the the students.   We have worksheets that break down all math formulas into simple arithmetic, but it’s still been awhile since many of us have actually had to analyze and solve arithmetic problems!  So I suggested to the students that they try not to make the math any more difficult than it really is and try to take their time in the process.

Do you know how much water is in your pool?  Well it’s CRITICAL that you know this for the health of bathers AND to ensure that:

  • – the equipment is working properly
  • – to know the correct chemical dosage to add, and
  • – to know how many bathers should be in the pool at any given time.

The formula to figure out the amount of water in the pool is:  Surface Area  X  Average Depth X  7.5.  This will give you the number of gallons in the pool.  (7.5 = the number of gallons in 1 cubic foot  )

The guys in class during break.

Here are some of the students on class break watching a co-worker cleaning the pool.  Did he do it correctly?

We want to thank John Smith,  Regional Service Manager in Southern California, for hosting us, and a special thanks to Jim Schwartz for finding us.

We look forward to future opportunities with Archstone….opportunities to help them to provide  healthy and safe swimming pools and spas to ALL their tenants through our CPO classes.


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the great presentations and the way the class was prepared. The pace of learning was just right and the information that was received will stick with me personally for a very long time. Great job Steve and I look forward to taking you around my property for a tour.

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