Come on in! The door is open!

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We’re setting it up — digging in,changing things, and re-arranging things — End of May 2009 is my goal to get all things changed and up and running !
You can still post your comments NOW — and I encourage you to do so — please let me know how we are doing!
If you have any questions or any problems please e-mail me at

And it would be a joy if you would drop by at Another Perfect Pool to learn more about us.

Thanks a bunch
Steve and Elise Donohoe


  1. Keep up the good work. Knowing the people who run this company does make it easy for me to recommend the fine work that they do and that you are dealing with reliable servicemen who have been well trained. When you know of their integrity, it is easy to say, “Yes” to having them come on your property with confidence. Your money is well spent on their good service.

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