CPO Classes Held in Laguna Niguel!

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Once again, our CPO-Certified Pool Operator classes were held in Laguna Niguel, Saturday and Sunday, May 9-10.  It was a good class, with six experienced pool men in attendance.  All expressed their appreciation for the beneficial information they learned in the two-day class.  Sunday was Mother’s Day (and also OUR anniversary!), so everyone was anxious to finish up their exams and get home!  Our thanks go to the St. Regis Resort for sending their pool men to this class and also to our previous class in Riverside, March 6-7.

We’re looking forward to our upcoming CPO class in Riverside on Friday and Saturday, June 5-6.   SCP has an awesome facility there and friendly, helpful  staff….plus they have doughnuts and coffee on Saturday morning!….which is helpful when the coffee pot runs out in their upstairs break room! :o)  We appreciate SCP and Superior’s partnership with us to hold these CPO classes in 3 of their locations: Orange, Riverside, and Van Nuys!….and we hope to add more teaching sites very soon, too, so stay tuned…..!

TIP OF THE DAY:  You will add $$ dollars $$ to your bottom line and credibility with your customers by becoming a Certified Pool Operator!!  So sign up for one of our classes today at Another Perfect Pool.


  1. A Great class! A Great presentation from a “pool guys” point of view. I got a ton out of it and came away with a bunch of info I can use NOW. — Thanks!

  2. I learned a bunch. Thanks Steve — especially the chemical dosage stuff — I was over doing it! I’m going to save some money this summer!
    Great Class
    John C

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