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(l-r) Pedro Montellano, Cuauhtemoc Nino, Ruben Esparza and Mario Jaime

We had the privilege of having one of PoolCorp’s finest employees attend our CPO class in Anaheim this past Thursday and Friday, April 22-23: Cuauhtemoc Nino, from the Superior Pool Product store in Monrovia.  We first met Nino last year, and then met up with him again when we presented a mini-water chemistry seminar, called ‘Why the Dog Died this past February at the Monrovia store.

Nino has a passion to promote and elevate the pool industry through customer service and education, and he’s currently attending PoolCorp’s Management Training Program.  He recruited three Superior-Monrovia customers to attend our class this month in Anaheim:  Pedro Montellano, Ruben Esparza and Mario Jaime.  Thanks Nino, for your hard work and support of our CPO classes!

During class, there was a keen interest about filtration:   What size filter do I need?  Well — it depends on how much water your system is moving and what type of filter you choose:  DE, Cartridge or Sand filter.

The formula to determine filter size is this:  Filter Area = Flow Rate / Filter Media Rate.  The Filter Media Rate for a DE filter is 2 gpm for every square foot of filter surface area, about 12 gpm for a Sand filter, and .375 gpm for a Cartridge filter.  So you just need to know how much water (GPM – Gallons Per Minute) is moving in your system, and then divide that number by 2  for DE, or 12 for Sand, or by .375 if you choose a Cartridge filter.

Elise taking pictures of our 14 students!

Students came from near and far: we had two students that drove down from Edwards AFB, which is way up in the high desert, north of Lancaster.  (In case you didn’t know,  Edwards AFB is where the Space Shuttle lands sometimes!) Another CPO student will be working soon as a pool technician at Camp Pendleton, just north of San Diego.  Congratulations go to all our students for their desire to improve themselves and our pool service industry!!

The Anaheim location is so convenient and accessible to the major freeways, and many students commented on the exceptionally nice building facility and upstairs classroom.   So, we had yet another successful CPO class! — and we can only attribute this to the people at PoolCorp.  Thanks for the space, the great people, great attitudes and for your time PoolCorp!


  1. Steve and Elise,
    There are only two words I can say to you guys… THANK YOU!, for all of your support to the industry and myself, you guys rock!!! never give up, this is the kind of people we need to promote the better practices in the industry!


  2. It is an honor to be on your team and see NSPF materials having an impact on so many people’s careers and lives.

    Keep up the great work,

    Thomas Lachocki, Ph.D.

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