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Our first CPO® certification class in Indio was held on May 16-17 at PoolCorp’s Superior Pool Products on 83-925 Fir Ave. The classroom venue in Indio was outstanding, and the hospitality of all the Indio SPP staff made us feel very welcome! A tremendous thank you goes to Dave Barfuss, Branch Manager, and to Betty Gonzalez, Regional Event Coordinator, for making our Indio premier a great success!

Both of them worked tirelessly to promote the class to their customers at the counter, at area meetings and at local events. They are so supportive of industry training/education that they even post a weekly pool tech question on their board for guys to ponder while they’re waiting in line for product! Way to go, guys!

The class was made up of students from various fields in the Aquatics industry, such as: facilities managers, hot tub/spa manufacturers, hotel pool operators, pool techs, and IPSSA members.  Carl Judd – from the IPSSA, Palm Springs Chapter – was a student there. He is a 20+ veteran pool tech who offered great feedback and contributed his expertise to the whole class.
In addition, he took some interest in a couple of guys that were struggling a bit and spent the time to tutor them during the homework review. Thanks Carl!

Our sign-in table in Indio — and Matt Kauber, IPSSA President – Palm Desert Chapter

We were very excited when Matt Kauber, IPSSA President of the Palm Desert chapter, stopped by to offer his support for CPO® and to say “Hi” and “Welcome!” (pictured). From an IPSSA perspective, every student that goes through our CPO® certification class falls into one of three categories; they are either: 1) an IPSSA member; 2) a potential IPSSA member; or 3) a current or potential IPSSA member customer. And for that reason, we display all the IPSSA material that you see in the photograph at each and every one of our CPO® classes. We also show the IPSSA “Water Watcher” video clip when we talk about water safety. Thank you Matt, your appearance at our Indio class was a great show of support for IPSSA education!

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