11 more in Orange, August 21-22

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Eleven More Students in Orange, California learning how to operate an Aquatic Facility

We nearly had a full house in Orange, California this past Friday and Saturday, August 21-22.  I am always amazed at the various and wide variety of backgrounds of the students in our classes.  This class was especially interesting.  Of course, we always have the veteran pool guys.  They are always great and contribute quite a bit to the class — thanks guys!  We also had an realtor broker, who did quite well in the realty business, but got out before the bust.  He is now looking at the pool service industry as his next venture.   We also had two capital investment gurus — they have been studying the pool service industry for the past several months — they think its a very viable business and just wanted to learn the ‘nuts and bolts’ of it.  They are looking to “buy big” into the industry — they just need to find the right company/organization.  As we were finishing up the first day, a comment was made:  “Do pool guys really know all this stuff?”  — The answer is NO! — You are going to know it only if you want to know it.  And I believe you NEED to know it to succeed in this business.  I think the days are numbered when all you need is a truck, a pole and a bucket of chlorine to be a pool guy.

Elise and I wish to thank Matt Semonza, Branch Manager-Orange and Stan Kim — Thanks again for hosting us and for your generous hospitality — you guys are great!


  1. Great job, enjoyed the class PLUS enjoyed getting to know Steve. Thank You!

  2. Hi Steve and Elise,
    Thank you very much for the class and I wanted to say that it was very informative and also thanks for the refreshments you provided for us as well.

  3. I’ve been in the pool service business for 10 years. I still learned a lot of useful information in the class. I will use it!

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