Flow Rate and Water Turnover

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Matt and Morgan — The First PoolCorp CPO Graduates in 2011

We were back in San Diego again presenting our CPO class this past Thursday and Friday, February 3-4.   Sitting in the class were two San Diego PoolCorp employees:  Matt Myer and Morgan Burdick.  It was great to have you guys there!   Thanks for the great class participation and feedback and congratulations on acquiring your new CPO credentials!!

One of the subjects we go over in CPO class is pool water circulation, and there is a whole chapter in the CPO Handbook dedicated to it.  The local health code dictates the turnover (the time it takes to move all the pool water through the filter one time)  — which is usually 6 hours for public pools and 30 minutes for spas.

When we know how much water is in the pool/spa, we can then calculate the required water flow rate to meet the health code.  The relationship between the flow rate and turnover is:

Turnover (in hours) =  Water Volume  / Flow Rate / 60

Flow Rate (gpm) = Water Volume  / Turnover / 60

Once you know how much water you need to move to meet the required turnover, you can then figure out what size of filter you need.

Thanks again, PoolCorp — and a special thank you for sending a couple of your guys to our class.  We hope to see more PoolCorp staff  show an interest in learning these pool care fundamentals and earn their CPO credentials, so that they will be better equipped to assist their customers.


  1. Always a pleasure to read your articles, they’re great, just the right size, and in each one you can tell the courses are a blast and the people had fun.

    Thanks for regular updates,

    CPO, Apollo Pools, Canada

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