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Steve and Ron Taylor

Steve and Matt Myers

We started a new 2011 CPO class year, holding our first class in San Diego on January 6-7….it was a small, but eager group and all did well on the exam.

Our second class of the year was held in Anaheim this past Thursday and Friday, January 20-21. Many 10 to 20 year pool tech veterans were in attendance, along with facility managers and operators, plus guys and gals new to the industry.   Shown on the right is Steve with Matt Myers from the SCP San Diego facility.  Matt is in PoolCorp’s Management Training program and is a great guy and hard worker — he always gives us a warm welcome and is ready to go the extra mile:  like helping us haul all our training materials up to the second floor classroom!  Wow! — thanks a bunch, Matt!!

Click here for NSPF’s ADA brief

In the upper left is Ron Taylor — PoolCorp’s Southern California Division Commercial Account Representative.  Do you need a quote on a new pool design?  Give Ron the blue prints — he’ll give you a quote!   In fact, ask Ron for help with anything about your commercial or backyard projects , concerns about your business or one of your pool sites — he can help you or he will get you connected to the right PoolCorp  people to help you!  So utilize Ron’s expertise and the PoolCorp’s, folks — they ARE there to help YOU!

Now here’s the pool tech tip from Steve:  First of all, do you need to know more or just understand the new ADA requirements (aka the Americans with Disabilities Act)? — Well, that’s something you can ask Ron Taylor about, too.  In addition, the National Swimming Pool Foundation also has plenty of information on the new requirements.  Just click on the image on the right to get NSPF’s brief outlining those new requirements.  To get  the entire 2010 ADA Standard, just click here.

Thank you PoolCorp for hosting our classes…and thank you to our students for all your great feedback and interest in getting your CPO credentials!….TOGETHER we are uplifting the pool industry, educating one student at a time…..


  1. Thanks Steve and Elise!
    The class was like the missing link, I now have a complete understanding of water chemistry, filter/pump sizing and problematic situations. Earning the confidence of my clients will be without issue by providing accurate solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

    I met some equally diligent folks and made some good networking connections.

    I definetley recommend this class to pool vets and new to the industry people

    Heather Hummel
    Value Pool Supply

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