General Chemical Dosage Formulas

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Click on the image to see the General Dosage Formula Chart

As we were going through the chemical dosage exercises in our CPO class this past Thursday and Friday at Superior Pool Products in Anaheim, the question was asked, “Is there a general formula that we can use to add chemicals to the pool?”   In class we use a worksheet (developed by the Foundation) that simplifies the elementary algebra — and reduces it to simple arithmetic.   Using the worksheet in conjunction with the dosage charts for a 10,000 gallon pool on page 260 of the CPO Handbook, you can easily determine the correct dosage amounts to add to any size pool.

“But is there a general formula that can be used?” was asked in class. Well, actually, there is.  We use the general formula on this sheet (a page out of our Field Service Manual) at our company, Another Perfect Pool.  The formula is based on a 120,000 gallon pool (which is equal to one million pounds of water).

Left to Right: Gretchen, Mike, Michelle, Lisa (birthday girl), Joshua, Brett and Tony

There are many different worksheets and charts available in our industry that guide us on the correct dosage amounts.  It’s just a matter of how you were taught and what you are comfortable with — but they are all based on good ‘ol PPM:  1 pound of chemical per one million pounds of water.

Our second day of class on Friday was tax day, April 15, and there was also a birthday celebration for one of the ladies in the office.  A call for “Cake in the breakroom” went over the PA system at about 3:00 p.m. — I tried to line everyone up for a picture — but only captured a few of the office staff (including the birthday girl) —  Happy birthday, Lisa!

Rick Gross, Regional Inventory Manager

We also snapped a picture of Rick Gross seated in his office surrounded by baseball memorabilia.  He’s one of three Regional Inventory Managers in Southern California purchasing supplies for PoolCorp stores.  Rick is definitely a HUGE baseball fan and Angels team die-hard.  He’s visited at least 30 ballparks across the country and wants to visit many more. Go cheer ’em on, Rick!

Thanks, again, to all the folks at PoolCorp’s Superior Building in Anaheim.  A special thanks to Tony (pictured above on the end, with cake — who is also another Angels fan!) for helping us move our equipment and supplies upstairs on Wednesday afternoon.


  1. Steve,
    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting on such a wonderful class. You made the class enjoyable and informative. I was worried that it was going to be a boring 2 days that we would suffer through. But instead I found myself wanting to learn more as soon as class was over. You guys are a great company and really do better the industry.

    Thanks Again,
    John Foster
    Activities Supervisor
    Hume Lake

  2. Another great article, thank you !

    What I find handy is to have a section on the back of the client information sheet with the client’s pool volume but also the quantity of chemicals needed to raise TA by 10 ppm, reduce pH by 0.2 etc, _for that pool precisely_, so there’s even less calculations to be done out on the field!

    Looking forward to the next update,

    Have a great season,

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