How much Pressure is at the Bottom of the Pool?

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Part of the CPO class curriculum is Chapter 3 of the CPO Handbook, entitled “Essential Calculations.”  On page 25 of Chapter 3, is a chart of “Useful Conversions and Constants” (right). We go over each and every item in the chart and really drill down on some items in particular, such as BTU, PPM, PSI, as well as “Water Column” (the item circled).

Did you ever wonder just how much pressure is in one foot of water? Or put another way:  How many feet of water will create one Pound per Square Inch (PSI)?  The chart shows that 2.31 feet of water will create one PSI.   So in CPO class, I ask the students: “How much pressure is at the bottom of a 10 foot pool?”  The answer:  you  just divide 10 by 2.31 (feet per one PSI), which equals:  4.33 PSI (wow–my ears hurt already!).

Lee Solomon – SCP San Diego

Elise and I always take a truckload (literally) of equipment and supplies to our CPO classes, and our last class on Thursday and Friday, April 28-29, at PoolCorp’s SCP-San Diego, was no exception.  With the help of PoolCorp staff, we unload and set up each class and then tear down everything afterwards and haul it home.  Lee Solomon volunteered to help us this time, hauling classroom material upstairs and then getting a pallet and forklift to get everything downstairs after class (that was a terrific idea, Lee!)  — THANKS A BUNCH!

Christina Gaudette, SCP San Diego

Pictured on the right with Steve is Christina Gaudette, Operations Manager, at SCP San Diego. She’s back from maturity leave now and has a beautiful baby girl, named Olivia. Congratulations to you and your husband, Christina, and thanks for sharing those darling pictures of your new baby!

More thanks goes to “Dave-O”, all the helpful crew there in San Diego, and to PoolCorp for their ongoing support!

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