Incompatible Pool Chemicals

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We had a full house in our CPO Certification class at SCP/PoolCorp in Riverside this past Thursday and Friday, June 23-24.  We purchased more tables to accommodate everyone and are now better prepared to include more students at this location.  We appreciate SCP allowing us to store the tables there between classes, too.

When we talk about pool water problems in our classes, the topic of incompatible chemicals usually comes up.   The term “incompatible” is defined as: ” unable to exist together in harmony; contrary or opposed in character.”  Therefore, you should be mindful that these incompatible chemicals do exist, and that they should NOT be added to the pool water at the same time (click the chart to the right).  If you unknowingly add certain specific chemicals into the pool at the same time, you may alter the water balance you have been trying to maintain, and you could cause a dangerous or uncomfortable situation for bathers in the swimming pool.

The chart lists the chems that will cloud up the water if added at the same time.  It also shows that if you simply mix trichlor and cal-hypo together – intentionally or accidentally — a fire and explosion WILL occur.

We also discuss the harsh and dangerous chemicals that we use.  Muriatic acid is used to lower pH and total alkalinity.  But when mis-handled, spilled or splattered, it WILL damage the concrete deck.  Calcium Hypochlorite – a non-stabilized chlorine that is sometimes sold as  a chlorine “SHOCK” treatment, is very un-stable.  It comes in tablet and granular form.  It is classified by the EPA as a class “3” oxidizer.  When mixed with any organic compound it WILL ignite!  Just click on the video on the left and see what happens when a little Coca-Cola is poured on granular Cal-Hypo — again — DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!


Thanks, again, to E.J. Wamsley and crew for the warm welcome and hospitality.  A special thanks to Kyle Maddox, again, for volunteering for a personal “cardio workout” by helping us carry our equipment and supplies upstairs!  And another special thanks to Billie Boche and Tanya Salas for watching out for us during our stay by “manning” the air conditioner to try to cool down the classroom ahead of the unusually hot weather in Riverside last week.

Janice Navarrette, Regional Inventory Manager, in her new office

Pictured here is Janice Navarrette, Regional Buyer for PoolCorp stores in the areas of Palm Springs, Pal

m Desert, Indio, Riverside and Corona.  She has been with SCP for over 7 years and had an office downstairs at the Riverside facility until recently moving upstairs into the office you see pictured.  She has been a good sport about all our CPO classroom noise and the lower-than-usual thermostat setting needed while we’re teaching class.  In addition, Janice had two terrific things happen in her life this last April — her first grandson was born AND she became a United States citizen!  —  Congratulations, Janice!


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