RWI – Recreational Water Illnesses

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Our New Venue in Anaheim

Our first CPO class this year was held January 21-22, 2010 at the beautiful PoolCorp Anaheim operational support facility (previously, the headquarters for Superior Pool Products LLC).

Despite 5 days of rain (3-4 inches) and some area flooding , we still had a great turnout for class and all students arrived safely.

In addition to the local travelers, we had students from San Diego, Santa Barbara, Simi Valley, and even one from Waikoloa, Hawaii! — everyone commented on the nice building and exceptional classroom environment.

Class started out with our customary student introductions, and then we progressed through the curriculum.  When we got to the infamous Chapter 4:  Pool Water Contamination,  we discussed Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI) and what causes them.  Students were amazed to learn about all the bacteria, parasites and viruses that can and do get into our swimming pool water!  Ugh!!

Recreational Water Illnesses at a Glance

Steve and Shelly — It was Rainy — but we did stay dry!

Being aware of these “bad bugs” and knowing how to prevent RWI is a fundamental skill of the Certified Pool/Spa Operator. Check out this brief outline (right) on what can make you sick in the swimming pool.

Thank you’s go to:  Don White for allowing us to have class in this beautiful facility; to Shelly Miller for being such a gracious host; and to Elizabeth Nappi for seeing us out a little late on Friday afternoon.  You guys are AWESOME!  We are really looking forward to our next class there in March!


  1. Thanks for putting together such a great class. I learned a lot from the class and it really helped me. I took the class with very little understanding of the pool service other than maintaining my own spa but with hopes of doing pool routes in the future and I walked away with a full understanding of what is needed.Thanks again!

    Robert Coello

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