What Exactly is PPM (Parts Per Million)?

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Michael Torres & E. J. Wamsley working at the SCP counter in Riverside, CA

The rains just keep on coming here in Southern California…but no complaints here! — its all needed and welcomed!

Speaking of welcome —  E.J Wamsley and crew gave us a huge welcome back to open up our first CPO class in Riverside for 2010 this past Thursday and Friday, February 4-5.  Thanks guys!

Our class again was as diverse as ever – new guys, seasoned pool guys, and facility managers.   They came from distant areas of California, too:   Santa Barbara, Yucaipa and Indian Wells!

Starting off  the first day of class, we learned some new terminology, and about constants, formulas and conversions, while also learning about BTU’s,  the area of a circle (πR2), square inches to square feet, PPM…..and much more.

What’s PPM? — Parts Per Million — it is a weight ratio.  An example:  1 ppm of chlorine means that there is 1 pound of elemental chlorine to 1 million pounds of water.  What’s a million pounds of water? — about 120,000 gallons.  How many pounds of elemental chlorine in 1 gallon of liquid chlorine? — Oh, about 1 pound.

They love the Mike n’ Ike’s & Hot Tamales!

So if you add 1 gallon of liquid chlorine to a 120,000 gallon pool, you will raise the chlorine level 1 PPM (it does not take much).  For a regular backyard pool – 15,000 gallons ( 1/8 of 120,000) it only takes 1 pint to raise it 1 PPM  (1/8 of a gallon = 1 pint) or 1 quart to raise it 2 PPM! .  Hey–you just learned the definition of PPM and how to use it!…a step towards understanding pool water chemistry.

Some popular changes and additions in 2010:

– Our Mike n’ Ike’s and Hot Tamale candies, hand-wrapped in our new CPO class schedule-YUM!….and

– Our new Thursday-Friday classes are a win-win for us, for PoolCorp and for our students (plus everyone gets to go home at 5:00 p.m. on a week day!–hooray!)

Thank you, PoolCorp — you’re AWESOME!

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