Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Killed Her

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Did you ever hear of a bacteria, called Pseudomonas aeruginosa? (soo-da-no-mas  aw-ridge-i-nos-a). Wow–those Greek words are tough to pronounce, aren’t they!!

Well, it is an “opportunistic pathogen,”  meaning, it actively seeks entry into the body.  When it does enter the bloodstream (maybe through an open wound) , it is very difficult to diagnose and kill with antibiotics–thus, the reason why it can be so dangerous!

This pathogen likes warm water and could be in hot tubs and spas that are not properly maintained with chlorine.  It is usually harmless outside the body (only causing an uncomfortable “hot tub rash” ) — but if it ever gets into your bloodstream, like it did with this unfortunate beautiful Brazilian model — then there’s a 70% chance that it could kill you!

The vanishing Mike-N-Ikes!

This was quite a topic at our latest Certified Pool Operator class in San Diego this past Thursday and Friday, June 10-11.  We looked at this harmful bacteria and other ‘bugs’ that may be in your swimming pool or spa that can make you sick.

We brought in our Mike-n-Ikes candies Thursday morning — put them on the SCP sales counter — and they vanished within a few hours!   We  did it again on Friday — and GONE AGAIN — good job guys, glad you enjoyed them!  Guess we need to get busy wrapping more candies for next time!

Lenny Maffei and Steve in San Diego — Where Else?

PoolCorp Regional Manager, Lenny Maffei, took the time for a photo opp with Steve — thanks, Lenny!  We appreciate your support!!

And thank you David O. and crew for hosting us once again — your hospitality and beautiful facility are AWESOME!  Our students were very impressed, too!!


  1. Guess what is in biofilm. Keep up your good work. Hint it begins with P

  2. I have read your blog and went to look for the bacteria pseudo… something there is not much information about the bacteria could i get more information about the bacteria. You guys made me paranoid about public pools

    thanks anyways


    1. Thanks for your comment – we do cover most pathogens that are in swimming pools — and how to treat the pool for worst case scenarios.
      Please go to our “What is a CPO?” / CPO Class Handouts”. There you will find most of the handouts we use in class. Check out “Recreational Water Illnesses at a Glance”. This may help you.

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