High Efficiency-Variable Speed Pumps – The Only Way!

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Anaheim – The Attraction

Anaheim continues to be the attraction for our CPO students.  Our class this past Thursday and Friday, June 24-25 at the Superior Pool Products Headquarters, attracted students from far and away.  They came from the Bay Area: Santa Rosa (close to San Francisco), from Clovis, from Oxnard, from Wrightwood, from Stevenson Ranch, from Newbury Park, and from Rosemead.  We also had a few locals from Orange County.

Its always a bit of work to set up, prepare, present the material, tear down and clean up — But its always worth it when we have a helping and gracious host — POOLCORP-SPP-Anaheim.  Thank you Shelly, Don and crew!

Elise — Making It Happen!

We had a great discussion about energy efficient pumps.  The traditional pump motors use a technology called “AC Induction”.  This technology is most common and the least expensive.  The downside, however, is that these motors are only about 50% efficient — best case.  That means that only half the electricity it consumes — half the money that you spend — is actually doing the work you want it to do.  The other half is just wasted.  One of our students in our Riverside class last year, Clint Combs, posted a blog article on the Pool Genius Network  explaining why this is so.  The article is titled:  Motor Efficiency.” Just click here to check it out .

Energy Efficient Pump Presentation

A few years ago, the pool industry endorsed a technology that has been around for several years:  Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM).  These motors are not only more efficient (about 90%),  but this technology now allows us to control the speed, and slow it down, which is where the real savings is.  Just click the pump image on the left to see what we present in every class about this new technology.

Our next class is in San Diego, then Riverside and then back to the “Main Attraction” – Anaheim on August 26-27.  Can’t wait.

Thanks, again, to our wonderful hosts–PoolCorp’s Superior Anaheim facility!–you rock!


  1. I took this course with Steve &Elise, it is well worth the time and money even if you think you know everything you need to, when your done you will know for sure. It was not boring or a waste of time

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