Disinfection – Oxidation – Circulation

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SCP Riverside – The Inland Empire.

When Elise and I present our 2-Day CPO classes away from our home base in Anaheim (as we did this past Thursday and Friday, September 23-24  in Riverside), we usually travel the day before and arrive mid-afternoon.  This gives us time to set up the classroom, check everything out and be fully ready for the next morning — the first day of class.  We typically stay two nights, so we are always searching for the best deals for hotels and for good places to eat dinner.

Well, we found a GREAT  restaurant on the west end of Riverside:  Anchos – Southwest Grill & Bar.  Great food, great drink and everyone really seemed to enjoy working there — go check it out! …but go early, as it is a very popular place–especially on Friday night!

Who Pees in the Pool?

Our Riverside class, once again, was a group of guys and gals that really wanted to learn and understand how to maintain a swimming pool.  We stress disinfection, oxidation and circulation/filtration.  When the CPO understands these three concepts and when he:

  • knows how to measure and monitor them
  •  knows when to adjust them
  •  knows how to adjust them

And when the CPO has them all functioning and under control (even though everyone pees in the pool) — he is well on his way to ensuring a healthly pool.

Our Upstairs Welcoming Party in Riverside

Once again we want to thank all the good people at PoolCorp and their wonderful hospitality.  Pictured here is Billie Boche, Western Regional Credit Manager and her Assistant Credit Manager, Tanya Salas.  Tanya has worked at PoolCorp for 4 years and has an excellent relationship with their customers.  She generates reports, contacts customers and helps keep things running smoothly, efficiently and at a happy pace at the Riverside location.  Tanya is a busy gal, though! — in addition to working at PoolCorp, she is married, has 2 kids and is studying for an online college degree!  Tanya’s not getting much sleep these days, but you can’t tell it by her beautiful smile and great attitude!

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