Pool Water Chemistry – Disinfection and Balance

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Street view from our upstairs “Perch” at SCP in San Diego.

We had another full house in San Diego at our CPO class this past Thursday and Friday, September 9-10.   It was an interesting group of  property managers, facility maintenance personnel, pool guys, and a few newcomers to the industry.

Pool water chemistry — understanding it is most important for the Certified Pool/Spa Pool operator.   It can  can be thought of in two distinct and separate, but related categories; namely: Disinfection and Balance.

Street view from our upstairs “Perch” at SCP in San Diego.

The Disinfection category includes:

A. the disinfection (or the KILLING) of harmful bacteria and other micro organisms.
B. oxidation –  which is the breaking up (changing the molecular structure) of the dead bacteria and other microscopic contaminates into their elemental components, so they will off-gas out of the water.  The Disinfection category also includes preventing and removing algae growth.

The Balance category includes monitoring and controlling the pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, TDS and the chlorine stabilizer.  Keeping these pool water parameters in their ideal range will ensure that the water will not etch the plaster and harm the  equipment.

Teri Lowe-Griffin, Accounts Receivable Manager.

These parameters in their ideal range will also ensure that calcium carbonate will not build up in the plumbing, in the heater and on pool walls.  Here’s a link to a chart of all the pool water parameters (and their ideal ranges) that the Certified Pool/Spa Operator monitors:  Water Chemistry Parameters.

PoolCorp!…we thank you so much for your dedication to education in the pool industry and we are continually in awe of the outstanding staff that you have!

Teri Lowe-Griffin is PoolCorp-San Diego’s Accounts Receivable Manager. When she’s not collecting money from customers, she’s answering the phone and doing many other daily tasks in an efficient, friendly manner. Thanks for letting us snap your picture, Teri!

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