Home Base In Orange, September 25-26 2009

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Elise Keeping up with the Gobblers!

Our CPO classes at the SCP Orange location just keep getting better!  It was quite a lively group — 13 guys.  And nine of the thirteen were from a single hotel facility.  They were all co-workers — jab’n and jive’n each other throughout both days.   They did quite well in the class – contributing, asking great questions and doing very well on the test.  We all had a BLAST and laughed a lot!

Elise was workin’ hard to keep up with their hearty thirst and appetites!

Now — How big is this filter?

The first day of class is always pretty exhausting for the students.  We go over all the formulas, calculations and everything you want to know about pool water chemistry — plus a bunch of other stuff.

Then at about 5:30 p.m. — all go home WITH homework.   Its fun to hear the stories the next morning — some students are dads with grade school/high school kids that poke fun at them — for “dad” having to do homework!  — and in some cases needing help, too!!

Thank you IPSSA and SCP!

Again, we want to thank SCP (PoolCorp)  for allowing us to hold our classes at their facility and IPSSA for enabling us — without them we could not do it!

It was over 100 degrees in Orange both days, and we had a bit of A/C problems in the afternoon….but with two big industrial fans, we made it through okay.  Thanks, Matt, for coming to our assistance!

Hey Matt? Where’s your SCP work shirt?

Stan Kim, thank you for setting up for us Friday morning. And Matt Semonza, thank you for taking your personal time to lock and unlock the facility for us and for keeping an eye on us.

We snapped Matt’s picture with Steve outside the teaching facility, too!  Next time–we’ll get a picture of Stan–so get ready Stan!!


  1. What a time I had taking this course.

    As I said before on the evaluation sheet this was “nicely challenging”.

    Sure helped to rattle the rust off some of the things I haven’t thought about in quite some time!

    This is a good course that everyone should consider taking to round out their knowledge of the swimming pool industry.

    Steve’s candor, and humor along with the study material was presented in a way that had everyone thinking… really thinking!

    Scott Burke
    Five Star Pool Management
    Huntington Beach, CA

  2. Definately not a course/certification one can “skate” through. Requires some studying, concentration and effort. That being said, Steve and Elise made this a fun, interesting and pertinent course! I would very much recommend taking this course with Steve and Elise.

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