Our Children are Drowning

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Thanks for hosting us E.J. Wamsley!

SCP PoolCorp, Riverside, CA / E.J. and Steve

We were at the Riverside SCP facility just six months ago and were reminded again this weekend what a truly nice facility it is!  E.J. and his staff are committed to excellence–and it shows in every corner of the facility and in the friendly atmosphere within.

More good news! – Our classroom in their upstairs meeting room was full!  We had seasoned pool guys there,  some people  just starting in the business,  a few from nearby public school districts, and a representative from a private swim school.  Thank you all for your time and effort in attending our class to learn more about the health and safety of recreational swimming pools!

The tragic accidents of children drowning was discussed, and it was stated a couple of times in class that “one entire pre-school class is lost to drowning every year in Orange County alone!”  Based on a pre-school class size of 7 or 8 children–that is truly a horrifying and tragic analogy to think about, especially in light of the fact that drowning  IS 100% preventable.

Here are a few facts: (as stated in the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act:  H.R. 6-303, Section 1402):

  1. Of injury-related deaths, drowning is the second leading cause of death in children aged 1 to 14 in the United States.
  2. In 2004, 761 children aged 14 and under died as a result of unintentional drowning.
  3. Adult supervision at all aquatic venues is a critical safety factor in preventing children from drowning.

    Test Time in Riverside

  4. Research studies show that the installation and proper use of barriers or fencing, as well as additional layers of protection, could substantially reduce the number of childhood residential swimming pool drowning and near drownings.

Check out a safety tip that we posted back in May 2009:   APP_Safety _Tip_May2009.

Click here to read the Orange County Health Care Agency’s Drowning Fact Sheet:  OCHCA_Drowning_FactSheet

Thank you E.J. and all of PoolCorp for promoting a safer and healthier swimming pool!   You saved a child’s life today!

And our appreciation goes to Kyle Maddox, for once again opening and locking up the facility for us on his personal Saturdays.   Thanks so much, Kyle!–you rock!

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