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onBalance is a non-profit research team made up of three pool guys:  Kim Skinner, Que Hales, and Doug Latta. They are a great group of guys and have contributed a vast amount of technical information to the swimming pool service industry.  You can visit their web site at: POOLHELP.COM   Here is a selected collection of their research papers and e-mails.

Selected Technical Papers

  • Acid Column Myth – This de-bunks the notion that you can pour muriatic acid in a single area expecting to lower only the TA.
  • Adding Acid – The full research paper about adding Muriatic Acid to water from onBalance submitted to the  Journal of theSwimming Pool and Spa Industry.
  • Alkalinity Adjustment – A research paper submitted to the Journal of the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry by onBalance discussing the adjustment of Total Alkalinity.
  • BiCarb Start-up – onBalance’s BiCarb start-up method for newly pastered pools.  It makes sense, I’ve used it, it works!
  • Calcium Nodules – Ever wonder what those white calcium looking buildups are?  The ones that are under the water line, on the walls or bottom of the pool?  They are calcium nodules.  Read all about ’em here.
  • Calcium ScCale – A series of e-mails Kim Skinner sent out about calcium scale.
  • CO2, The role in water – A series of e-mails from Kim Skinner about the role of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the water.
  • HOCL vs. OCL – A series of e-mails discussing the components of free chlorine (HOCL and OCL) from Kim Skinner.
  • Soda Ash or BiCarb? – Soda Ash or Baking Soda — when to use what — when.  Yet another e-mail series from Kim Skinner.

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