Why The Dog Died – Monrovia CA, February 2010

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I told YOU we should have gotten a new pool guy!!

Our first presentation on Fundamental Pool Water Chemistry (oops, I meant, “Why the Dog Died”) was given at the Superior Pool Products store in Monrovia, CA, on February 8, 2010 at 4:00 p.m.

The store manager, Erik Hoeckmann, excitedly volunteered his store for this class, he swept up the class area, set up chairs and brought in refreshments.  The HASA representative doing a “Table Top” that day, Andrea Smith, also attended and brought in sandwiches, so it was a team effort all the way–thanks HASA!

Erik and employees, Louie and Nino, really promoted this class to their customers.  They got 30 commitments to attend class and then Erik also called everyone to remind them to show up.   Thanks to them–every one of the 30 pool guys sat down to listen and learn and share personal tips and information!

Steve Donohoe getting ready to explain “Why the Dog Died.”

With only 24 chairs set up initially, Erik brought out empty chlorine buckets to sit on, because no chairs were left!–WOW!  Pool guys in attendance that evening were 1st year techs up to 20 year veterans!

In class, we covered disinfection, pool water balance and pool water problems.   We talked about the different types of chlorine:  trichlor, dichlor, bleach, and cal-hypo–explaining the pros and cons of each.  We presented the 6 parameters that effect pool balance. We then explored various pool water problems:  algae, colored water & staining, chloromines and contaminants and what to do about them.

Chuauhtemoc Nino, Steve and Erik at Superior Pool Products, Monrovia, CA.

After class, Nino went around encouraging  guys to get certified — to get their CPO (which is a pre-requisite for the LA county health card).

“Nino” (Cuauhtemoc Nino)—you are THE MAN—your ongoing enthusiasm and support of the pool industry was very instrumental in getting these guys interested in learning about water chemistry, equipment repairs — and doing it right!  Our gratitude goes to you, Nino—to Erik—and to Louie—THANK YOU–for opening up your ‘house’ to the service industry through education.

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